About Us


To be “Your Strategic Partner in Education and Business Internationally”


RVi Group aims to develop people and business internationally by capitalising on its unique and innovative training, consultancy and delivery systems whilst achieving profitability.

RV: What does it mean?
R.V. is the shortened form of “Resources Venture”. Resources Venture is the name of its first company. It was chosen by the founders to provoke a sense of responsibility among its staff members to find unique and creative ways to provide and assist companies/individuals(resources) to venture internationally.


RVi Group is a Singapore-based group of companies with a reach in over 8 countries in Asia. Its roots can be traced to the incorporation of its first company, Resources Venture (Singapore) in 1989. 12 years and 13 companies later, the group has since established a reputable presence in the businesses of Business Publications Services, Management Development Consultancy, and Education Development Services. The group currently employs over 120 associates and staff.

Chronology of Events

1989 Resources Venture Pte Ltd (Singapore) incorporated
1994 Outdoor Consultants Pte Ltd (Singapore) incorporated
1997 RV Management Services Co., Ltd (Myanmar) incorporated
1998 Resources Venture (HK) Ltd (Hong Kong) incorporated
1999 RV Centre Brand used in Myanmar (RV Centre Yangon)
1999 RV Management Services Ltd (Sri Lanka) incorporated
2000 RVMS International Pte Ltd (Singapore) incorporated
2000 RVMS set up first office in Vietnam
2000 RV Management Services (Laos) incorporated
2001 RV Centre in Hanoi is operational
2001 RV Centre for Human Resources (Vietnam) incorporated (RV Centre Hanoi)
2004 RV Centre International is incorporated and manage all RV Centres of the Group
2005 RVi Group initiated
2006 RVMS is the licence partner of TACK International & TMI International
2007 RVCI operates its first foreign international school in Mandalay, Myanmar
2008 RV Centre in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam is incorporated
2009 RV Centres Vietnam and Myanmar won the Singapore Education Awards
2013 RVi Academy Bangkok opens in collaboration with Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University