The RVi Group of Companies shares a common business mission of being “Your Strategic Partner in Education and Business Internationally”.  It aims to cultivate long term customer and business relationship internationally. With Singapore as the Corporate Headquarters, the Group has offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka . It has also associate offices in China, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Bangladesh, United Kingdom and United States of America. The service it offers is classified into 5 Service Areas.

Cross Border Consultancies

Cross border consultancies refers to providing professional and business relevant services in the form of International Trade and Services match-making and CEO consultancies. This service area is provided by RVMS International Pte Ltd.

Publications Services

Since 1997, the group has also established a good network for publications and information distribution through its RV Centres.

Education Development

Education Development is the fastest growing Service Area for the Group. Since 1997, the group has developed its unique brand of Planning, Preparation and Placement Services to provide students of all ages educational opportunities in over 100 institutions of learning. Education Development is one of the 4 key services provided by the group’s RV Centres. See RV Centres…

Management Development

RVi Group through its RV Centres and RVMS provide professional People Skills Training and Management Consultancies to corporations and individuals in developing countries. The Group offers a comprehensive range of courses and consultancy packages. Clients can choose from public to tailored courses .Please refer to RV Centres or RVMS International which is the licence partner of TMI International and TACK International.

Adventure & Experiential Learning

To promote adventure and experiential learning has been at the heart of the founders. Since 1994 the Group’s Outdoor Consultants (Singapore) was the first company to develop children’s adventure camps for city students of Singapore. In 2002, the Group’s RV Centres also entered the market of providing adventure and experiential learning. With over 250 qualified consultants and trainers and a creative specific tailored programs, Outdoor Consultants is a reputable brand in Singapore.